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Ingredientes nutritivos e ambiciosos

From discovery to commercialization

We are ambitious about dairy-derived ingredients that promote nutrition.

Fortunately, such raw materials are naturally rich in proteins, lipids, oligosaccharides, minerals and vitamins – with enormous potential for application in a wide variety of food categories.

Arla Foods Ingredients' nutrition science capabilities and guidance are guided by a long-term research and development strategy, based on the potential of our raw materials, global nutrition trends and health challenges.

Our current strategy broadly focuses on:


Our nutrition science activities span every step in our value chain, from discovery to development and commercialization.

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Value generated with nutrition science 
Over the years, we have discovered and offered a variety of valuable food ingredients – providing benefits to a wide range of consumers with different needs, from infant nutrition to complex medical challenges, offering healthy, delicious foods and beverages that can increase quality of people's lives.

Discover two of our ambitious and highly specialized ingredients - Lacprodan ® CGMP-20 and  Lacprodan ® MFGM-10.

Learn more about our Research Integrity Policy here .

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