Food Service Middle East

Food Service Middle East

Food Service Middle East

Consumers demand convenience in the Middle Eastern market
Demand for convenience has made filled pastries one of the Middle East’s fastest growing categories, with predicting that the market will grow by 10% annually for the next five years.


This creates huge potential for industrial bakers. One of the most common fillings for savory pastries is cream cheese.

However, it is notorious for collapsing during mixing and migrating into the pastry, making the crust soggy and limiting opportunities to add herbs and other flavorings.

Nutrilac® turns cream cheese into a bake-stable filling
Nutrilac®QU-7660 from Arla Foods Ingredients can help bakers overcome this challenge. 

The easy-to-handle solution comprises whey proteins tailored to increase the stability of cream cheese during mixing and baking. 

Cream cheese with Nutrilac®QU-7660 gains a robust and stable texture. Migration issues are avoided so that pastries retain a high volume, crispy crust and visual appeal after baking. 

Testing with a sensory panel has demonstrated that the product also delivers a creamier, non-crumbly mouthfeel. 


Nutrilac®QU-7660 is just what bakers and chefs need to win a share of one of the world’s most dynamic pastry markets.

Labneh with Nutrilac® 
Fresh labneh and labneh cheese are suitable for the Foodservice sector. Labneh is often seen in restaurants and buffets where it needs to stay stable for a longer period of time. To overcome this challenge we have developed fresh labneh and labneh cheese with Nutrilac® that improves the stability of your labneh. Apart from improved stability you also get a creamy product with a smooth texture.

Furthermore, this application is based on a 100% yield process giving you optimal utilization of your raw materials.

Labneh with Nutrilac® gives you: 

  • Optimal utilisation of raw materials – no waste 
  • High creaminess, smooth texture 
  • Improved stability

Savory cheese fillings with Nutrilac® CH-7694

This is a processed cheese style product suitable for the savory kitchen. It is highly cooking stable and can be used in multiple applications such as kibbeh.

Savory cheese filling with Nutrilac® CH-7694:

  • Highly cooking stable 
  • Creamy mouthfeel after cooking 
  • Less than 30 minutes production time
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