Delicious dairy with Middle Eastern promise

Delicious dairy with Middle Eastern promise

Delicious dairy with Middle Eastern promise

Middle Eastern dairy trends are ripe with opportunity. Harvest the potential with our whey-based inspiration.
Dairy companies are regularly challenged by high milk prices or raw material waste. Ongoing sales depend on their ability to solve those challenges without compromising taste and texture.

That’s the test facing the Middle Eastern dairy industry right now, where rising inflation is pressuring manufacturers to reduce prices so consumers can continue to afford their products.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve taken the challenge to heart and developed whey-based solutions that optimise dairy production and improve quality. Our inspirational concepts demonstrate the possibilities – developed to regional consumer preferences and including options for recombined dairy production.

Smooth labneh cheese with 100% yield
Achieve the distinctive taste and texture of traditional labneh cheese without the side stream of acid whey created by ultrafiltration. Our efficient process and Nutrilac® whey proteins ensure 100% yield from your dairy raw materials and a stable final product. 

Watch the video:

High-yield labneh cheese


Watch the video to learn more about how to you can produce labneh cheese with 100% yield and no waste

Affordable white cheese with less protein
Our reduced protein white cheese concepts with Nutrilac® whey proteins are designed for consumers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Look forward to a stable product with a pure dairy taste and appealing white colour.

Greek-style yoghurt without investment
All you need is a standard yoghurt line to make indulgent Greek-style yoghurt. Using our process and Nutrilac® whey protein solution, you can capture a share of the market without investment in expensive separation equipment.

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